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We support those who dare to make a difference. We partner with innovative founders ambitious enough to build disruptive companies. We enable our teams to fulfill dreams by delivering substantial value to each company. Investing isn’t just about money. We are company builders with an entrepreneurial mindset, being trustworthy sparring partners to our businesses throughout their entire life cycle. We don’t lean back after a major success. We are always eager to build upon our achievements.

Description de l'organisme

Paua Ventures is a Venture Capital investor based in Berlin focusing on early-stage and seed investments. The current portfolio consists of start-ups from new-media technologies, eCommerce and mobile, both in B2B-, as well as B2C- fields.

Paua Ventures fully supports start-ups through a proactive partnership that reaches far beyond mere capital injection. By taking individual care of each portfolio company Paua Ventures lays the foundation for sustainable growth and long-term success.

We are constantly looking for entrepreneurs with outstanding business ideas. Your company should offer a clear USP, be capable of becoming a market leader and offer a scalable product. The targeted market needs to show promising growth potential and should offer your company the chance to quickly achieve considerable sales.

An excellent team of entrepreneurs is essential on the road to success. We are looking for harmonizing teams pursuing their entrepreneurial vision with outstanding commitment and a clearly defined strategy.

“An entrepreneur is someone who dares to dream the dreams and is foolish enough to try to make those dreams come true.”

If you are willing to commit everything to your dream, we will help you build it…



Georg Stockinger

VC Investor @ Paua Ventur...

Georg Stockinger, VC Investor @ Paua Ventur... @ Paua Ventures

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Paua Ventures

Série : Seed, Serie A, Serie B

Ticket moyen : 200 000 - 3 000 000 €

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