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Technology makes yesterday’s impossible possible. And tomorrow, it will do it all over again. Every year we will meet a few thousand teams looking to shape that tomorrow. Every discussion is energising as a new window onto the future opens. And when the stars align we partner with an exceptional team to build an iconic company that stands the test of time. We invite you to be that team.

There is nothing outwardly common among our entrepreneurs. Some are college drop-outs, several couldn’t wait even that long, whereas others have graduated from leading schools. But all our entrepreneurs are impatient - they have seen tomorrow and are in a hurry to get there. They inspire gargantuan effort from their teams that allows them to keep slaying their Goliaths. And they are passionate. They make waves. They’re sometimes controversial. They aim to succeed spectacularly and sometimes fail that way too. But better to have lived and lost.

In a partnership of peers, we share in that passion and aim to bring our expertise to the table. Hence we focus our investments in our specialist areas of Fintech and B2B Software.





Dan Chaplin

VC Investor at Dawn Capit...

Venture Capital investor at Dawn Capital focused on FinTech and enterprise software. Investments in ...

Josh Bell

General Partner at Dawn C...

Dawn Capital is an early stage venture fund focussing on Enterprise Software and Fintech. Dawn are a...

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Dawn Capital

Série : Love Money, Seed, Serie A

Ticket moyen : 20 000 - 3 000 000 €

Secteur(s) d'investissement :

Software, SaaSFinance, FinTechE-commerce, MarketplaceRéseau SocialIntelligence ArtificielleSécuritéBig Data

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